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Who We Are:

Pacific Coast Soccer Referees is a group of about 50 extremely experienced soccer referees in the Greater Los Angeles area. Each referee has officiated well over 1,000 individual games, with most in the 3,000-4,000 game range. Each Pacific Coast Soccer Referee has been (or is currently) affiliated with either the US Soccer Federation (USSF), the National Intercollegiate Soccer Officials Association (NISOA), the National Federation of High Schools (NFHS), the Southern California Soccer Officials Association (SCSOA), Cal South or AYSO. Our membership includes USSF National and State Referees, AYSO National Referees, NISOA National Referees, and other referees who consistently handle professional, adult, college, high school and youth matches at the highest levels of the game.

Most Pacific Coast Soccer Referees have played soccer as well. Some of the members played in college, and some played on professional and semi-professional teams in North America and Europe. Some members still play in local adult leagues.

Why Pacific Coast Soccer Referees Was Created:

Pacific Coast Soccer Referees was created to address the need to provide consistently good, professional, in shape, and experienced officials. By choosing our membership carefully and remaining a small group we are able to provide high quality officiating on a regular basis.

  • Most of us currently referee adult league games in greater Los Angeles
  • Most of us do (have done) NCAA games
  • Most of us currently referee CIF (high school) games
  • On any given weeknight or weekend hundreds of players are looking for quality referees who are as passionate as they are

What We Provide

  • Professionalism
  • Consistency
  • Experience

These 3 elements epitomize what each Pacific Coast Soccer Referee stands for. Because we regularly work together we provide a common level of expertise and consistency to each and every game. We are all extremely experienced. And each referee is recognized by their peers as having the integrity and professionalism to call that game, on that day, in a manner that allows the players to play, and the fans to enjoy, the beautiful game.

Why Choose Us

  • A requirement of membership is to have individual injury/liability insurance coverage through NASO
  • We all LOVE the game
  • We provide the consistency/knowledge/professionalism required by former players who still play

The Bottom Line:

Pacific Coast Soccer Referees know soccer, understand the game, and are passionate about being the best referees available